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Millbrook Surgery Coronavirus Update

Dear Millbrook Patients,

Thank you for your understanding, patience and kindness in such a high pressure time. It is very much appreciated by all of our team.

As you can imagine we are experiencing a very high volume of calls and we are trying to answer all of your questions as quickly as possible and understand it might not always be the answer you want.

There are some recurring questions we are being asked which we will answer below:

1. We cannot process prescriptions early or give you extra just in case – we need to ensure we do not overwhelm the supply chain as if we do medicines could go out of stock very quickly, we also do not want to create a stock piling issue. We are unable to prescribe you paracetamol just in case, we understand it is incredibly difficult to get hold of right now. Please order your medication 1 week prior to running out, this gives our pharmacy colleagues the time they need to dispense your medication – they are working so hard with a massive increase in their workload and we want to support them as much as we can.

2. We are unable to prescribe you an inhaler even if you had one years ago when you had a cough that required inhaler support – we know this is a scary time but lots of people really really need these inhalers and if you get one just in case they might not be able to get one that they really need. If you have COPD / Asthma and are worried about your condition please call to book a telephone consultation with our respiratory nurse.

3. We are unable to advise you if you should or shouldn’t self-isolate if you are at risk, please try follow the guidance although we know it isn’t perfect in every circumstance. If you are worried about your employer please speak to them directly and we hope our patients will receive the support they need from their employer at this time, we are unable to issue sick notes during self-isolation. If you need any further information regarding self-isolation vs social distancing please see below. If you require a sick note post 7 day self-isolation please visit NHS 111 online.

4. We are unable to provide travel advice, make the decision for you or provide letters to your travel insurer if you are deciding not to travel. Please discuss your options with your insurer directly.

Please do only try to call the surgery if you really need us for a medical reason – our call volumes are very high and we need to keep the lines as clear as possible for patients who are unwell. Alternatively you can contact us online via Engage Consult – see further details on how to use this here

We are happy to answer questions if you really are unable to source the information you need yourself.

We really appreciate your support.

Thank you,
Millbrook Surgery Team​